The name “Sattva” implies one who is divine, pure, and spiritual. SATTVA is a sanskrit word….balance, calmness, steadiness and peace.  It is the perfect place between full and empty. It is this which promotes radiant health and healing.  Yoga (yoke/union) is a state which brings union of the whole self – body, mind and spirit – with the divine.

A student of yoga for over 10 years, Claudine has studied many forms of yoga including Sivananda, Ashtanga, and Hatha traditions, which she incorporates into her Sun Power Yoga practice.

I am a Yoga Alliance accredited with the founder of Sun Power Yoga – Anne-Marie Newland and now hold a CYQ/YMCA international diploma at Reps Level 3. People say that I’m  a calm, and skillful teacher, with an understanding of the invaluable benefits that yoga can bring to your  life.

There comes a time when you want to go deeper into your usual practice and work on challenging sequences and poses. As a beginner or an advanced student I can help you develop the next level and inspire the beautiful practice you already have.