Claudine studied massage at the School of Therapeutic Bodywork alongside Howard Evans. This style of Thai Massage seamlessly weaves Eastern tradition with Western knowledge and understanding. It combines the best techniques from Traditional Thai Massage with neuromuscular, myofascial and craniosacral influences to create a flowing, dynamic and meditative form of bodywork. This is not the painful and bruising work that many people have experienced as Traditional Thai Massage. This approach to Thai Massage is explained in Howard Evans’ book, ‘A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage’, published January 2009 by Churchill Livingstone.

Thai Massage is received on a mat on the floor. You can remain lightly clothed as no oil is used. The massage unfolds like a continuous and effortless dance involving deep tissue release, joint mobilisations and applied hatha yoga asanas.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment at my home in Five Ways in Brighton.