Enjoy yoga in a safe, supportive environment while learning postures and exercises specifically suited to pregnant women and new mothers. I combine Sun Power Yoga, Pranayama breathwork, alignment, strength training and therapeutics for the health and happiness of both mother and baby. My experienced, unique approach helps women to improve their strength and flexibility before and after childbirth. My prenatal yoga method also aids in the birthing process, helping women feel centered and strong during labour and delivery.

“Breathe for Two” classes -Pranayama for Pregnancy

My “Breathe for two”  classes concentrate on the use of breathwork during pregnancy and labour. Its important to remember that when you are pregnant you are no longer just breathing for yourself but also for your baby. The exercises in these classes focus on the use of breath, prana, and help you to learn a new way of breathing to use throughout your pregnancy and fantastic techniques to help you through your labour.

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