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There are specific practices in Yoga that will bring happiness, ease and joy into your life. Yoga and meditation have the power to transform your conditioned way of thinking and open you up to your greatest potential as well as energising your body and keeping you in optimum health.

Yoga is designed to work on the entire nervous and glandular systems in the body, thereby slowing down the ageing process and stimulating overall health and vitality.

Sun Power Yoga increases intuition, mental clarity, strength, flexibility, and happiness.


The name “Sattva” implies one who is divine, pure, and spiritual. SATTVA is a sanskrit word meaning balance, calmness, steadiness and peace. It is the perfect place between full and empty. It is this which promotes radiant health and healing. Yoga  is a state which brings union of the whole self. Body, mind and spirit with the divine.

What is Sun Power Yoga?

Sun Power Yoga Is An Eclectic Mix Of 4 Traditional Styles Of Yoga

  •    Hatha Yoga For Theory, Philosophy And Classical Asana

  •   Iyengar Yoga For Alignment And Posturing

  •  Sivananda Yoga For Subtle Mind And Breath Work

  •  Astanga Yoga For Heat, Flexibility And Stamina

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Thai Yoga Massage

Claudine studied massage at the School of Therapeutic Bodywork alongside Howard Evans. This style of Thai Massage seamlessly weaves Eastern tradition with Western knowledge and understanding. It combines the best techniques from Traditional Thai Massage with neuromuscular, myofascial and craniosacral influences to create a flowing, dynamic and meditative form of bodywork. This is not the painful and bruising work that many people have experienced as Traditional Thai Massage. This approach to Thai Massage is explained in Howard Evans’ book, ‘A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage’, published January 2009 by Churchill Livingstone.

Thai Massage is received on a mat on the floor. You can remain lightly clothed as no oil is used. The massage unfolds like a continuous and effortless dance involving deep tissue release, joint mobilisations and applied hatha yoga asanas.

your teacher

A student of yoga for over 10 years, Claudine has studied many forms of yoga including Sivananda, Ashtanga, and Hatha traditions, which she incorporates into her Sun Power Yoga practice.

I am a Yoga Alliance accredited with the founder of Sun Power Yoga – Anne-Marie Newland and now hold a CYQ/YMCA international diploma at Reps Level 3. People say that I’m a calm, and skilful teacher, with an understanding of the invaluable benefits that yoga can bring to your  life.

I deliver your class to music and it is a wonderful mix of relaxation and flow that gets you sweating and working hard. The fundamentals of my class are born in traditional sanskrit teachings and breathwork. You will leave feeling energised, centred and mindful about your body and mind.

There comes a time when you want to go deeper into your usual practice and work on challenging sequences and poses. As a beginner or an advanced student I can help you develop the next level and inspire the beautiful practice you already have.

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Pregnancy Yoga

Enjoy yoga in a safe, supportive environment while learning postures and exercises specifically suited to pregnant women and new mothers. I combine Sun Power Yoga, Pranayama breathwork, alignment, strength training and therapeutics for the health and happiness of both mother and baby. My experienced, unique approach helps women to improve their strength and flexibility before and after childbirth. My prenatal yoga method also aids in the birthing process, helping women feel centered and strong during labour and delivery.

“Breathe for Two” classes -Pranayama for Pregnancy

My “Breathe for two”  classes concentrate on the use of breathwork during pregnancy and labour. Its important to remember that when you are pregnant you are no longer just breathing for yourself but also for your baby. The exercises in these classes focus on the use of breath, prana, and help you to learn a new way of breathing to use throughout your pregnancy and fantastic techniques to help you through your labour.


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